MozCoffe Dhaka Meetup 2016

Mozcoffe Dhaka Meetup 2016 has been organized in NewsCred Dhaka by the awesome Mozillian Community of Bangladesh on January 29, 2016.Around 50 FSAs and active contributors have joined the program from 13 Firefox Clubs and all over the city.The main objective of this meetup was to create a future plan for Mozilla Bangladesh which is planned for next 5 or 6 months time.

Group photo

The main part of this program was started at 3:30 pm.Then all of FSAs were introduced themselves and they discussed about campus campaign  program and privacy week.They discussed how someone can lose his privacy in daily life and what should we done to protect our online privacy.Then Anisur Rahman Started the main event by showing the agendas.He present the methods of mapping the future plan for every functional team.Then Mahay Alam Khan took the stage and share the experience along with Hossain Al Ikram and Asma Swapna about Leadership Summit 2016 which was held in Singapore.He shared about the plans and goals of this year and what he has learned from the summit.Then he told us to creat 9 groups for 9 functional pathway and prepare the goals for the next 6 months.FSA,Firefox OS,L10n,QA,MLS,WebDevs,MDN,Teach Speakers and MozGirls are the functional pathways.The session was finished with cheering for awesome Mozillian Bangladesh Community at 7:00 pm and it was a great meetup.



Sazzaduzzaman Swadhin

Firefox at PAU


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