MozGirlsBD@PAU at Primeasia  University  has been organized in Primeasia University Dhaka by the awesome Mozillian of our university  Mehidia Afrin Tania,Sanofi Mohin and Sazzaduzzaman Swadhin.

Last year Primeasia University open a club with mozillian named “Firefox at PAU” through this club on 20th March 2016 they also organized an event for Women named MozGirlsBD@PAU.

Event was held at 20th March 2016 in my campus at Banani, Dhaka . The main part of this program was started at 1:30 pm.Then all of students  were introduced themselves.After that Mehidia Afrin Tania take a session on Mozilla, Mozilla Privacy &   discus about MozGirlsBD  and Campus Campaign.


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The session was finished with cheering for awesome new  Mozillian and of all participants at 3:oo pm and it was a great event.

Sazzaduzzaman Swadhin

Firefox at PAU


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