Introduction to Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)


Group photo

Mozilla Bangladesh arranged an event on MDN.The event was held at 31st March 2016 in AIUB Auditorium.The event was open for all.

The main part of this program was started at 10:30 am.Then all of mozillian were introduced themselves.After that Md Anisur Rahman take a session on MDN.He gave a brief about what is MDN.He discussed about what should need to know to become on MDN contributor and why would anyone contribute to MDN.Then he suggested to the participants to create an account on MDN.At the last of the event a funny game was played for a refreshment.Then Anis vai distributed swags among the participant.Participant were very pleased after this event.

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The session was finished with cheering for awesome Mozillian  at 2:00 pm.It was a great event.


Sazzaduzzaman Swadhin

Firefox at PAU


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